Deadly Pursuer – A Thriller

A game of international stakes plays on a stage where one woman can make a difference. Can she survive?

Working undercover, Seattle private investigator Katie Parson stumbles into the middle of a horrific scene that makes her the next target of an international assassin. A powerful storm of fear shadows Katie as she continues to work her cases. Searching for a missing woman and trying to solve a hundred-year-old mystery puts food on her table. But while she seeks answers, someone stalks her. Her investigative skills keep her one step ahead in a heart-stopping pursuit. She finds unexpected help from a rival PI, Dan Beck, an ex-Army Ranger. Despite Dan’s irritating ways, he is a dangerous man you’d want on your side. Hunted, Katie discovers her old friend, the President of the United States, is also in mortal peril. Can she and Dan beat impossible odds to save those closest to them? On the run for her life, God live-streams His faithfulness into the most desperate terror Katie has ever known.

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